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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Introducing: Logic

I would have thought this guy would be huge in the UK already. Alas, he is not. Still, the future looks bright for the 22 year old rapper who's catchy hip hop is begging to be played on the radio. Upon listening to Logic, or young Sinatra, you can instantly tell he has a knack for lyrics and an ego almost a fifth of the size of Kanye West's. In reality, in interviews, he comes across intelligent, modest, hard-working, thoughtful and unique. Not one to be confused with the numerous rappers today who seem to get taken over by a lust for bling, bitches and the like, Logic says:

"You are not defined by the material you possess or the amount of money in your bank account, what defines you is how you attain them."

Brilliantly refreshing.

All three of his mixtapes are available for free and legal download. Get them whilst you can...

All I Do:

Let Me Go (feat. Lykke Li):

Mind of Logic (feat. Camille Michelle Gray):

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